Winning High Stakes In Texas Hold’em Poker

Deception and being vague is the key to winning high stakes in Texas Hold’em poker. A key element of poker games is deceiving others and fooling them into thinking you own a good hand, even if you really don’t. Most novices to the game over do the deception and end up making a mess of things.

Bluffing in poker games works best when there is an assumption about a player’s game or the general trend of the game. Given here are a few specific pointers about bluffing in Texas Hold’em games.

When there are few players at the game – Don’t get over-ambitious and try to deceive a crowd, aim at pulling off a spotless deception on just one or two players.

When you are competing with tight players – A bluff usually looks for those players who fold or muck up fast. When bets are called early as flops or preflops, they are usually to find out about other player’s hands. When a bluff is made early on and the tight player doesn’t flinch, then maybe it is best not to repeat it in a future round. In these times too, it helps to know the players.

The important thing in bluffing it, everyone else at the table usually knows these tactics too, so beware; sometimes these bluffs just work work. however don’t give up, wait and watch for the right opportunity to come up.

Bet Raise Call and Fold The Objective of Texas Hold em
In poker the real goal is not to win every hand but instead to achieve the pot (money collected from all the players) through psychological and mathematical choices by watching the other player’s moves and from experience. The choices to be made, involve the amount and the timing of the bets, raises, calls and the fold.

Once this is mastered one can expect to win higher stakes both in real and online poker game rooms.

In both forms of the Texas Hold’em, traditional and online, all the players get together, contribute to the pot and use tactics to win the entire loot for themselves. After every deal or hand, the pot goes to a different player and at the end of all the hands or deals (called the showdown) the pot goes to the player with the highest hand. In case more than one player has the highest hand (a tie) then, it is divided equally between the winners. In the event that all but one player have folded and withdrawn from the game, then the last remaining player gets the pot as a logical ending to the game.

There are many websites, books, online message boards, chat groups and fan clubs for Texas Hold’em poker and some time invested in them would surely yield good results at a poker game. Texas Hold’em is as much about strategy and timing as it is about the wild abandonment of a wager and the mood swings of Madame Lady Luck!